A native of South Kingstown, Rhode Island, Kyle Josephson graduated from the Prout High School and the University of Rhode Island before enlisting into the United States Army. After attending Infantry Basic Training and Airborne School at Fort Benning, Georgia, he attended Special Forces Assessment/ Selection at Fort Bragg, NC. After being selected to attend the Special Forces Qualification Course, Kyle was trained in unconventional warfare, land navigation, small unit tactics, survival-evasion- resistance-escape (SERE-C), advanced weapons handling and advanced special operations. Upon graduating Class 284 and earning his Green Beret, Kyle was assigned to 3D Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg, NC. He served as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant on Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha’s (SFOD-A) 3113 and 3121, specializing in small unit tactics, combat marksmanship, close quarters combat, force protection, base defense, weapons handling and employment of foreign and domestic light and heavy weaponry. During his tenure he conducted foreign internal defense, direct action and unconventional warfare operations throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa, against violent extremist organizations. Despite having to learn new cultures and languages, Kyle has trained, equipped and led thousands of foreign and domestic special operations soldiers. While Kyle enjoys shooting, he finds teaching and interacting with the soldiers of foreign special operations forces, law enforcement and civilians the most fulfilling. Kyle has now transitioned out of the military and has moved back to Rhode Island, instructing members of his community on advanced weapons handling, close quarters combat and small unit tactics.

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